It is with great pleasure that we also announce the gestation of Shaina du Flocon Bleu called Dior and Sefola Di Casa Mivale. The proud father is our male Guess Val Doré. Beautiful kittens in prevision ! Births are planned for the first half of June 2015.


Some babies to come !

It’s a pleasure for us to annonce you that our female Chanel des Horizons d’Or has been mated with our beautiful male Guess du Val Doré : the babies are expected at the end of May 2015 !

Guess du Val Doré, mâle persan roux

New page on persian health

Find out our articles about persian health! They will allow you to better understand the renal polycystosis, a specific disease of the persian breed. You will also discover the purpose of the vaccination and the health tests we perform in our persian cattery. Finally, we will explain you the importance of deworming and treating against external parasites.

PKD et persan