Persian cattery

Royal Fragrance : the passion of the Persian breed !


Chaton persan LOOF crème

We have a passion for breeding and selection since always and we put all my knowledge in the service of the persian breed !

Our cattery is located at Dardilly, near Lyon, France.

The persian is, for us, the perfect companion cat : he is calm, cuddly and loves beeing with his owner. That’s why we fell in love with this breed !

Our persians are above all else companion cats, they live in our home and with us every day.

Our persian kitten with pedigree are raised in a family environment, in the compagny of our other animals (dogs, parrots …) in purpose to become perfect companions for their futur owners. We perform an important selection on morphology in order to get show quality persians. But the morphology is not everything : we select our persians for their cuddly and closed to us personality, which is very important to us. We only reproduce persians in good health. The well being of our persians stay our priority : our cats are fed with super premium quality food, vaccinated and wormed. Our cattery has numerous facilities to guaranty the well being (baskets, cat trees …) !

We regularly drive our persian cats to shows in order to expose our selection work to the judges’ opinion. We don’t hesitate to cross country borders to find the persians that will fit best our breeding program !

Our cattery is PKD, FIV and FeLV free. All our persian kitten have a pedigree (FIFe). They are sold vaccinated, identified, wormed with a certificate of good health ! They are groomed from an early age in order to be perfectly accustomed to daily care when they leave the cattery.

Feel free to contact us for more information,

Elodie RAUX

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